Our SCi-Toolset software products provide customers with real-time understanding and visualisation of data analysis, and give clarity to the vast amount of information needed to gain intelligence.

Historically our technology has been based around connecting imagery using our Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) systems designed to support long range photography, but our capabilities now take on board a wider range of data across a diverse range of sources.



SCi-X is the fastest way of viewing and exploiting imagery. It provides advanced analysis so that you can gain a deeper understanding of your intelligence. It offers synchronised 3D mapping, stereo viewing, and allows the user to annotate with geo-spatial data. SCi-X provides a cost effective solution for gaining intelligence from imagery across all the spectral bands (UV, Infra-red etc.).



Our SCi-Discover software is a secure store for placing your information, and gives you the ability to search, find, and share multiple types of data, and view it in a simplified way. This allows you to discover, visualise and create intelligence from any digital source. This enables advanced situational awareness, and the greater knowledge reduces  decision making time.



We live in a world where formats of data (video, audio, imagery etc.) are changing rapidly, and often converting these to something you can easily work with can be time-consuming and frustrating.

SCi-Describe takes in large volumes of contrasting information and puts it into a format that SCi-Discover, SCi-X and other data exploitation tools can understand.  This could range from a large quantity of security footage held in a vendor specific format, or two separate files of images and metadata that need to be combined. Data in SCi-Discover is standardised, regardless of the format that it was originally supplied in.

SCi-Describe also allows you to monitor and record live streams of information into SCi-Discover for further analysis.



Analysts often need a space to think. SCi-Clarity is a network-enabled integrated intelligence management tool that allows the visualisation of links between structured and unstructured data to discover intelligence insights.

SCi-Clarity gives a flexible collaborative space to note down your thoughts, follow through where the information leads, and generate a simplified view of complex information.



Tactical real-time intelligence creation calls for tools that support the timely analysis of sensor data. SCi–Pulse enables the timely provision of all-weather Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

The software presents SAR & GMTI data in a geo-spatial context, filters and animates GMTI plots and creates annotated reporting products all in a single application. Designed to minimise workload and training burden, SCi-Pulse delivers a cost effective solution to meet the needs of analysts working in high-tempo environments.

SCi-Pulse can ingest recorded or live streamed GMTI data in STANAG 4607 compliant format. Data can then be displayed either as individual plots or as a heatmap. Filters allow the analysts to manupulate the data to identify significant activity or pattern of life. SCi-Pulse enables effective interpretation of GMTI in both near-real-time and forensic post mission or event analysis.



A family of network enabled systems that are designed to be robust, secure and supportable. Differing configurations provide  users with options to suit all applications. Utilising Commercial Off The Shelf hardware to keep low cost ethos at its heart, the INS family answers our customer's data discovery and collaboration needs.     



We are constantly finding new ways to deploy our technology
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